February 20, 2018

Healthy Living from Brenda Lee Reed | Natural Weight Management

Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed

Genesis Healing Center Founder Brenda Lee Reed says that the math is simple: healthy foods + physical activity = balanced weight.

There are many factors, says Brenda Lee Reed, that determine an individual’s ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  However, the basic key to natural weight management is maintaining a lifestyle that includes healthy foods and moderate exercise. Brenda Lee Reed reports that the oldest and most common formula is to balance the number of calories from food intake with the number of calories burned through exercise.  In other words, the input of energy must balance with the output, says Brenda Lee Reed.

To lose weight, a person must burn more calories through exercise than are taken in through food consumption, explains Brenda Lee Reed.  The idea is to eat less and exercise more.  Once the desired weight has been achieved, there must be a balance of energy consumed through food and energy burned though exercise and lifestyle in order to maintain a proper weight, says Brenda Lee Reed.

According to Brenda Lee Reed, an individual that sits at a desk all day will most likely need to add a daily or weekly exercise regime in order to meet their energy output; this as opposed to someone with a more physically demanding career.

It’s a matter of movement. The most important thing, says Brenda Lee Reed, is to move the body, whether walking, jogging, or simply doing floor stretches at home.  The body must move in order to burn calories and achieve the output of energy needed to compensate for food intake.  Those seeking to move their body more should find an activity they enjoy. This, explains Brenda Lee Reed, makes it more likely they will continue to exercise.

Brenda Lee Reed says that it is vital to choose foods that are rich in nutrition.  Fruits and vegetables are not only low in calories, they contain vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting benefits that the body needs to remain healthy.  Eating produce is a basic of weight loss and weight management because they are filled with fiber and water and, Brenda Lee Reed explains, make the body feel fuller.

A good way to gauge exactly how much better fruits and vegetables are is to lay out a handful of potato chips next to three whole cups of strawberries. Brenda Lee Reed notes that the larger portion of strawberries has fewer calories while providing a larger bulk of nutritive – and tasty – fare.

Aside from the nutritional health benefits, larger portions of produce can be eaten compared to processed products without adding empty calories to a diet.  And, as Brenda Lee Reed explains to guests a Genesis Healing Center, the juices from organically grown fruits and vegetables provide more nutrients that any store bought vitamin or supplement.

Brenda Lee Reed says that natural weight management is achieved through a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritional foods and moderate physical exercise.  And, she points out that anyone can make little changes to their daily life to help them achieve their goals.

Brenda Lee Reed is the owner and founder of Genesis Healing Center. She holds certification in numerous areas of holistic treatment and has over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist. For more information, visit www.genesishealingcenter.com




Brenda Lee Reed is a Certified Life Coach and the founder of the nationally recognized holistic care center, Genesis Healing Center. Reed brings with her over 30 years of natural healing experience and education, much of which was plucked from the pages of her own life. As a cancer survivor, Brenda Lee Reed believes that healing the mind and spirit is just as important as healing the body. Genesis Healing Center was built to allow those in recovery time to rejuvenate and find balance and inner peace.
Brenda Lee Reed has devoted her life to researching ways to combat cancer and other life-altering diseases. Her approach encompasses all areas of the body, mind, and spirit. With certifications in colon cleansing, hormone replacement, and integrative cancer therapies, Brenda Lee Reed contributes more than just a positive attitude to Genesis; she brings solid data and real life examples of how a natural approach to wellness can create a more positive, healthy life.
For more information about Brenda Lee Reed or Genesis Healing Center’s non-denominational ministry visit them on the web at www.genesishealingcenter.com

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