August 4, 2021

Marketers LLC Answers Questions About Business Plans

Marketers LLC provides a full range of services to clients, including business plan creation. A business doesn’t have to be an expert to put together a good business plan, Marketers LLC has found. In fact, often businesses know their own operations and future plans well enough to put a plan together on their own, Marketers LLC advises. Still, Marketers LLC finds that many clients have multiple questions about creating a business plan. Recently, Marketers LLC spoke with Interviewing Experts about the factors that make up a good business plan.

Interviewing Experts: How important is a business plan?

Marketers LLC: Very important. In fact, for many companies, a business plan is used to secure funding, loans, and form partnerships with other companies.

Interviewing Experts: Who reads a business plan?

Marketers LLC: Usually the decision-makers—people who can make or break a business completely.

Interviewing Experts: How do I know what to put into a business plan?

Marketers LLC: The first step to creating a business plan is to ask questions.

Interviewing Experts: What kind of questions?

Marketers LLC: Questions that reveal more information about your company, like ‘what are our goals?’ ‘What are our accomplishments?’

Interviewing Experts: Once I’ve asked these questions, what do I do with the answers?

Marketers LLC: Log the answers for use in your business plan.

Interviewing Experts: What specific types of information will be included in the plan?

Marketers LLC: The plan will begin with an executive summary.

Interviewing Experts: Which is…?

Marketers LLC: A brief overview that a busy decision-maker can peruse before flipping to other areas of the plan.

Interviewing Experts: There should also be a summary of what my company is about, correct?

Marketers LLC: Yes, the company overview will give an overview of the office culture and management’s particular style of running things.

Interviewing Experts: Will I then need to give decision-makers a feel for what the regular expenses will be?

Marketers LLC: Yes. Marketers LLC recommends disclosing all possible expenditures in the management and operations section.

Interviewing Experts: Should I include my marketing strategy in my business plan?

Marketers LLC: Definitely. The marketing strategy is an important part of a business plan.

Interviewing Experts: Is that because marketing is so important?

Marketers LLC: Without marketing, a business doesn’t really stand a chance, so the plan needs to be included.

Interviewing Experts: Will I need to provide information about my product?

Marketers LLC: In the sales plan section, we recommend disclosing both projections and proprietary product details.

Interviewing Experts: What about financials?

Marketers LLC: As much as people hate to deal with financials, it’s a necessary part of the business plan. Many believe it’s the most important part, since decision-makers look at it so closely.

Marketers LLC helps clients craft effective business plans, which can be especially important for startups.



Marketers LLC is a marketing and business solutions design firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. The group creates websites for small businesses with the end goal of helping them increase sales and expand their customer base.

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