September 29, 2020

C. Frederick Wehba Reminisces about Being Named Los Angeles ‘Man of the Year’

C. Frederick WehbaA native Texan, C. Frederick Wehba relocated to the West Coast in order to grow and develop his real estate interests. Now residing in beautiful Los Angeles, C. Frederick Wehba is a former recipient of the city’s “Man of the Year” award. Reminiscing about his past charitable experiences, C. Frederick Wehba credits a number of organizations with granting him the opportunity to serve people and show them kindness and compassion.

Interviewing Experts: It’s a terrific feeling to talk with the “Man of the Year.”

C. Frederick Wehba: Thank you. Many wonderful people have surrounded me with love throughout my life.

Interviewing Experts: How does it feel to be honored as “Man of the Year”?

C. Frederick Wehba: Being chosen as “Man of the Year” has been one of the highlights of my career, which spans over four decades in a variety of capacities. [Read more…]