August 4, 2021

Peter Spittler Architectural Services Focuses on Aesthetics of Building Design


Peter Spittler Architectural Services

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

Peter Spittler Architectural Services partners with clients to design buildings that are both functional and beautiful.  In the following interview with the staff of Interviewing Experts, team members at Peter Spittler Architectural Services discuss aesthetics in building design and within the overall architectural process.

Interviewing Experts:  Can you please explain to our readers about aesthetics and how they play into the overall architectural design process?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  In general terms, aesthetics commonly refer to the beauty of a place or building, but it is so much more than simply how a building looks to the naked eye.  When done right, the aesthetics of a building can evoke emotion and provide tactile stimulation and auditory sensation to users and the community surrounding the project.  In the architectural design process, aesthetics are essentially the client’s program brought to life on paper, through models and illustrations, referred to as schematic designs.  Peter Spittler Architectural Services team members take the client’s goals, objectives, and values from their program and begin to develop design concepts that reflect those expectations.

Interviewing Experts:  So aesthetics is more than just beauty in terms of the architectural process?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Exactly! When aesthetics come into play at Peter Spittler Architectural Services, we are in the schematic design stage of the overall design and build process.  In this step, work is concentrated on aesthetics, or the look of the building, but the Peter Spittler Architectural Services team is also working toward achieving the overall goals of the building project, including identifying the best materials, staying within the client’s budget, creating good flow and flexibility, and so forth.  The designer has thoroughly analyzed the site analysis and program at this point and then begins to form the solution to the client’s needs or “problem”. Solutions are revealed through a problem seeking design process.

Interviewing Experts:  How much detail does the schematic design involve?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  The schematic design typically includes high-level design aspects, not every detail.  The schematics offer a visual representation of the proposed project, through the eyes of the Peter Spittler Architectural Services’ assigned designer.  These rough plans include the general layout of rooms and the overall building configuration, the detailed work is left for later, once the client is pleased with the promising design concept.

Interviewing Experts:  Are cost estimates also included with schematic designs?


Based in Cleveland, Peter Spittler Architectural Services offers more than just blue prints and design. Our group is known throughout North America, and beyond for creating one of a kind buildings for a diverse range of structural needs and aesthetic tastes. As well, Peter Spittler Architectural Services has had a hand in international design projects across South America.

Boasting some of the nation’s best Architects and Engineers, Peter Spittler Architectural Services offers clients an impressive portfolio of projects from which to draw inspiration. For those with a unique plan in mind, Peter Spittler Architectural Services is more than capable of starting with a blank slate and can work around terrain and local building code challenges.

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