August 4, 2021

Interview with Scott T. Sohr

Scott T. Sohr

Scott T. Sohr

Today the staff of Interviewing Experts talks to Scott T. Sohr, chief manager at Elmington Capital in Nashville, Tennessee. Since the company’s founding in 2010, Scott T. Sohr has been at the helm for a rapid grown curve at Elmington Capital.

Interviewing Experts: Scott T. Sohr, thank you for taking a few minutes to speak with us today…

Scott T. Sohr: It’s my pleasure.

Interviewing Experts: What does Elmington Capital specialize in?

Scott T. Sohr: At Elmington, our specialty is buying and reselling distressed properties on behalf of our investment partners. We turn vacant space into profit for investors.

Interviewing Experts: What’s your track record like?

Scott T. Sohr: It’s been a matter of hundreds of thousands of square feet, in both residential and commercial property. The team at Elmington Capital looked at the real estate downturn of 2008, and visualized opportunity for investors.

Interviewing Experts: What are some of Elmington’s latest transactions?

Scott T. Sohr: Recently, we closed deals on a 72-unit apartment building in Memphis, and three big office buildings in Huntsville.

Interviewing Experts: Do you specialize in the Mid-South, primarily?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, most Elmington Capital deals have been in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.

Interviewing Experts: To what would you ascribe your success?

Scott T. Sohr: We’ve been able to put together a great team, and that team has built a portfolio that’s just outstanding.

Interviewing Experts: Do you deal in many multi-family buildings?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, we just invested in several good-sized apartment complexes. Property companies in the apartment and condo business got hit hard after ’08, and we can take those properties and have them make money as apartment rentals, rather than just sitting empty.

Interviewing Experts: What sorts of commercial properties does Elmington Capital invest in?

Scott T. Sohr: Typically, industrial parks and properties like warehouses, as well as office complexes.

Interviewing Experts: Didn’t you recently close on an industrial park in Knoxville?

Scott T. Sohr: It was actually back in 2010. It’s a complex of five warehouses, lots of square footage.

Interviewing Experts: Are there any multi-use properties in your portfolio?

Scott T. Sohr: Several years ago our firm purchased tracts of land in the greater Memphis area that were developed into Wolf River Ranch and Greystone, subdivisions that now boast hundreds of residential lots for construction.

A veteran of over thirty years in business, Scott T. Sohr is a resident of Middle Tennessee. A serial entrepreneur, Scott T. Sohr is also the co-founder of Correct Care Solutions, a pioneer in institutional healthcare. In the course of his career, Sohr has funded, developed, and built numerous commercial and residential projects with his partners. Scott T. Sohr is a graduate of Auburn University, and earned his Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management. Notably, Scott T. Sohr started his own business while still enrolled at Auburn, selling specialty plastic compounds for industry. Today, he lives in Nashville with his wife Lyn, and their four children.


Scott T. Sohr is a Nashville, Tennessee-based businessman with a special interest in healthcare and real estate. A well-developed entrepreneur, Scott T. Sohr has a diverse business background that has taken him across the Southeast through college, marriage, children, and several economic environments.

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