August 4, 2021

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop

Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Epil-Stop to discuss hair removal.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: No matter where you find it, there’s only one way to take care of unwanted hair! Incredible Discoveries is proud to announce that Epil-Stop is the most sophisticated hair removal system ever created. In two quick and easy steps, Epil-Stop removes the hair using a botanically enhanced formula and conditions your skin with a revolutionary new, soothing Afterwash.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, Epil-Stop’s advanced two-step hair removal system makes it easier, safer and more fun to get rid of unwanted hair while conditioning your skin at the same time! With an advanced formula featuring botanical aloe, shea butter and sweet almond oil, Epil-Stop is a refreshing new experience in hair removal. Incredible Discoveries shows how it is easy to apply and not only reduces hair, but make it less coarse and noticeable

Have a hairy back? You don’t have to shave it, you don’t have to put the wax on it and rip it off like they do in the movies.  Incredible Discoveries viewers can now use Epil-Stop. It’s fast, clean, easy, and makes you look good.  It mainly focuses on making sure that your skin isn’t going to be irritated or red, or have red bumps when you’re done.

The Epil-Stop system is exactly what Incredible Discoveries viewers have been looking for! Finally! Incredible Discoveries introduces A NO-Nick-Cut-Rip-Tear-Singe-Pluck-Tweeze-Rash-Burn-Scar-way to get rid of unwanted hair! It truly is the next generation in hair removal and works in as little as three minutes! It smells nice, it’s easy to use, and it works!  It’s the perfect solution to all shaving problems.  Epil-Stop really works!

Let’s talk about some other hair removal options.

Shaving. Endangering yourself on a daily basis, risking cuts, nicks, and gouges. And all for what? Just to have to go through it all again tomorrow? Epil-Stop is easier, safer and the results last longer. Even on thick, stubborn hair, Epil-Stop works quickly, easily and safely. With the Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash, there’s no worry about skin sensitivity; it instantly neutralizes the remover and conditions the skin.

Waxing. It takes too much time out of your busy life and usually leaves you with those little red bumps and it hurts! Epil-Stop works in as little as three minutes so it’s fast, private and painless for everyone.

Electrolysis or Laser Treatments. These are intensive and extensive treatments that may or may not work; they take months, even years to undergo and they are also very expensive. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars and waste hundreds of hours of your life driving to in-office appointments while still being afraid to wear your mini-skirt on Saturday without touchups? Epil-Stop takes just minutes, plus it’s economical, easy and effective.

Incredible Discoveries shows how Epil-Stop’s two-step system gets rid of hair quickly and easily for both women and men. You can apply and remove the Silky cream without ever touching it, using the special double-sided Epil-Tool. Use one side for smoothing on the cream and one side for sliding it off. It will give you the confidence to show your skin again. Let Epil-Stop put a stop to your unwanted hair. Epil-Stop’s two-step system is going to make life easier for Incredible Discoveries viewers, everywhere. It’s fast, easy, painless, economical, and private. To prove it, a woman will share her views on why she has made the switch to Epil-Stop.

Incredible Discoveries: So why don’t you tell me, what was the most important factor for you making the switch to Epil-Stop?

Woman: No more rashes.  It has an after-cream that you put on that neutralizes the chemicals.  So it’s got something that none of the rest of them have. For me, it’s all about the time.  I am a working mom.  And so, with other depilatory creams, it can take as long as ten minutes for them to work. The cream afterwards definitely let’s you know if you’ve left any of the cream on your legs.  It turns a different color. It comes in an aerosol can.  You put it on; it comes with a spatula.  Rub it on with the spatula, flip the tool around, and take it off with the rubber stop. You are done in three minutes.”

Incredible Discoveries: One of the main rules is to not use soap afterwards.  You are left with this awkward-feeling skin.  You don’t know what to do.  But now, Epil-Stop has completely made the solution with the neutralizing cream.  So it’s just perfect, isn’t it?

Woman: Absolutely. It’s a great product.

Incredible Discoveries: And Epil-Stop is economical. This makes it the perfect solution for taking care of unwanted body hair, all year long. Most hair removers are drippy and messy, and stink up your bathroom with a chemical smell. Not Epil-Stop! It’s thick and creamy, with fun and fruity fragrances. It works in as little as three minutes and the results can last up to twice as long as shaving!

This exclusive two-sided no-touch Epil-Stop Tool is an ingenious way to smooth on and slide off your hair removal cream. The applicator spatula ensures an even coverage of cream in those hard to reach spots, while keeping your hands clean. Specially designed grooves on the other end of the Epil-Stop Tool help make cream removal quick and easy. Incredible Discoveries shows how Epil-Stop works on all types of hair: fine, light, thick, dark and everything in between.

On Incredible Discoveries, see why the advanced Epil-Stop formula is strong and effective, but still gentle and skin-friendly. Epil-Stop silky cream acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It contains moisturizers such as Aloe-Vera, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.

Most hair removers leave your skin red, irritated and bumpy. The revolutionary Perfect Finish Neutralizing Afterwash neutralizes any remaining hair removal cream on contact. The wash has a built-in pH color indicator that turns bright pink to show you where the residue is. It even gets rid of the smell that hair removers can leave behind on your skin. Then, it conditions your skin with shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and aloe leaving your skin silky smooth, smelling clean and pH balanced.

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  1. Pearl Fasson says:

    At first undergoing a laser treatment is a solution to my unwanted hair problems. But after so many session and spending thousands for my treatment still my problem weren’t solve at all. Not until Incredible Discoveries introduce the Epil-Stop as an effective solution for unwanted hairs. Incredible Discoveries is right, Epil-Stop is indeed a very effective solution. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

  2. Kristel Grisham says:

    For a lot of women like me dark spots in our body due to hair shaving is a problem. Epil-Stop which is introduced in Incredible Discoveries is said to be an effective solution so I tried it myself. Now I am spending this time to Thank Incredible Discoveries. You really are very helpful to us Incredible Discoveries.

    • @Kristel – Thanks for leaving a comment, we are happy that you are satisfied of the product that Incredible Discoveries endorse. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” Good luck! – Incredible Discoveries

  3. Louie Warren says:

    As a model our skin is the most important part of my career. A little undesirable spots is not good for me. With the help of Epil-Stop introduced by Incredible Discoveries I had improved my self a lot. It help me a lot to have some more promotions and boosted my career. Incredible Discoveries is said to have help a lot of people in the most simpliest way. You are an inspiration of so many Incredible Discoveries. Keep it up.

    • @Louie – Your story is very inspiring. We are glad that in a simple way we can help you in your career. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” Thanks for sharing your story. – Incredible Discoveries

  4. Katie Samsons says:

    Commonly women depends on waxing, shaving and if you have cash in Laser treatments. I felt down to know in Incredible Discoveries that this ways are the ones making things worst. But still thank you for Incredible Discoveries had given me the right thing to use to solve this problems. I knew that Incredible Discoveries is the right spot for me.

  5. Erich Calton says:

    My sister and I have been looking for a solution for our unwanted hair problems. Our school ball is not long ahead and we are going to wear our gowns which shows a bit of our skins. We knew that are under arms are a bit darken because of shaving. We are glad we have been watching Incredible Discoveries for the past months. We seen the segment of Incredible Discoveries about Epil-Stop and it is indeed a great product. It really help a lot for me and my sister. Incredible Discoveries two thumbs up to your shows. Looking forward to learn more from you.

    • @Erich – Incredible Discoveries is proud that the product that you see in our segment it’s help you and your sister to have a good looking skin in a shorten time of use. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Epil-Stop” Thank you so much! – Incredible Discoveries

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