August 4, 2021

Sandra Dyche Kim Explains Alternatives to EB-5

Sandra Dyche KimSandra Dyche Kim has seen a large amount of interest in immigration in recent years. Many of these immigrants utilize the EB-5 visa program, but others seek out other forms of assistance to leave their countries for a new home. Recently, Sandra Dyche Kim spoke to Interviewing Experts about these other forms of assistance, as well as the EB-5 program.

Interviewing Experts: Why are so many people interested in seeking citizenship in other countries?

Sandra Dyche Kim: There are a multitude of reasons, many of which are political. It’s easy for people to become frustrated by the legal systems in some countries, which have been called unfair by those interested in leaving.

Interviewing Experts: Are all of those who seek citizenship in a second country interested in moving to those countries?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Not necessarily. In some instances, a citizen may simply want a right to a passport in a particular country in order to travel to those countries without being subject to travel restrictions.

Interviewing Experts: Why would someone want a second passport to simply travel to that country?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Second passports are often sought when someone travels to an area frequently. For instance a businessman who lives in India but frequently travels to the States might be interested in having a passport in order to be able to travel freely back and forth.

Interviewing Experts: Among all of the visa programs, EB-5 has been among the most popular. Why?

Sandra Dyche Kim: With the EB-5 program, a wealthy person is required to invest in American businesses in a way that creates or preserves jobs. It’s a program that benefits both the investor and the business, and it helps the investor become a part of an industry before moving here.

Interviewing Experts: Is America the only country that has a program like EB-5?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Several other countries have programs that allow wealthy individuals to gain citizenship. Portugal has the Golden Visa, where someone must invest in real estate or make a capital investment.

Interviewing Experts: What other countries have programs that encourage investments?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Canada has an immigrant investor program, as does Belgium and Australia. In fact, many developed countries now have programs where investors can put money into economic development in exchange for a visa.

Interviewing Experts: How does EB-5 differ from other countries’ immigration programs?

Sandra Dyche Kim: EB-5 mandates that investments be made “at risk,” which means the investor agrees there is no guarantee of a return on funds. Other countries do not add in this at-risk section.

Sandra Dyche Kim emphasizes that America’s EB-5 program is the most popular, as well as the most used, immigrant investor program in the world. She works hard to make sure the integrity and success of the program continues.


Sandra Dyche Kim, a former foreign and domestic distributor of Feldmühle of Germany products, is now one of two managing principles at CapSpan. This New York City-based EB-5 investment management company is one of the most respected in the nation with strong relationships with regional centers from coast to coast.
Sandra Dyche Kim has enjoyed a long and successful career in real estate and finance and has worked on projects from natural gas plants to residential condominiums.

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