August 17, 2018

GAR Labs Goes Green: 100,000 Watts of Solar & More

GAR Labs

GAR Labs

GAR Labs is a California-based Private Label Cosmetics research and manufacturing laboratory helmed by President Tom Raffy. Raffy’s leadership of GAR Labs is characterized by tireless efforts to integrate sustainability into traditional business success ethos. Tom Raffy understand the importance of environmental consciousness and works to bring GAR Labs ever closer to pure renewable sustainability. Raffy is dedicated to making GAR Labs as self-sufficient as possible in regards to energy use and production. He attests that this will eventually help GAR Labs provide greatest quality products at the most competitive pricing. A self-sustaining GAR Labs, according to Mr. Raffy, can insulate itself against ebbs and flows in the global energy market. Recently, GAR Labs’ Tom Raffy granted an interview with Information Nation to discuss the company’s green initiative.

Information Nation: Hello, and welcome to the interview.

GAR Labs:  Hello. It is a pleasure to discuss GAR Labs’ commitment to sustainability.

Information Nation: Yes, sustainability is an increasingly significant discourse these days.

GAR Labs:  Particularly on a larger business scale.

Information Nation: Can you explain?

GAR Labs:  Well, a lot of sustainability discussions are framed according to what individuals can do in their homes and apartments. Things like recycling cans and bottles, weatherproofing and turning off unused lights at home.

Information Nation: I see. So has business sustainability been overlooked?

GAR Labs:  To a certain extent, yes.

Information Nation: Why do you think this has this been the case?

GAR Labs:  I feel businesses have shied away from the challenge. Implementing sustainability measures in a business facility is more demanding. It requires extra work and care, as well as investing in specialized equipment.

Information Nation: What are some ways GAR Labs has risen to the sustainability challenge?

GAR Labs:  First things first we have installed a massive 100,000 watts of Solar Panels, this replaced over $50,000 a year electricity made from of coal or natural gas.   Well, we’ve installed a remarkable machine called a Counter Harmonic Generator. It processes the raw electricity we receive from Solar Panels or the Electric Company…The Counter Harmonic Generator ‘cleans up’ the electricity by smoothing out electromagnetic resistance and impurities, thereby making the electricity we eventually use much more free of destructive harmonics and dramatically reduce the amount of usable electricity.

Information Nation: I never thought of electricity as something that could be filtered or “cleaned up.”

GAR Labs:  Oh, yes. Sustainability technology has taught us many things. The same jobs require much less “clean” electricity than the amount of “dirty” electricity they used to be needed.

Information Nation: So you ‘clean up’ the electric company’s product before you use it, saving energy?

GAR Labs:  Yes, and it goes further. Why purchase electricity from the utility company at all? GAR Labs has now finalized the installation of a 100,000-WATT Solar Energy System. This is a momentous achievement that I am personally excited about. Riverside, California, is a sunny place and our solar cells are drastically reducing our dependence on fossil fuel.

Information Nation: That is exciting. What else has GAR Labs done to be more sustainable?

GAR Labs:  Another way we save large amounts of electricity is in modernizing our factory air loop. We’ve installed a Smart Start On Demand System for the multitude of air compressors that our facility utilizes.

Information Nation: So you’ve adapted your electricity and air usage

GAR Labs:  Water, as well. GAR has replaced our water filtration system, switching from reverse osmosis to a 4-Stage Water Deionization system. Reverse osmosis was very effective, but it used up too much water. Deionization is just as effective as reverse osmosis, if not more so, saving as much as 10,000 gallons of water a day.

Information Nation: It sounds like GAR Labs is becoming more sustainable every day.

GAR Labs:  Indeed, we are. Our ultimate vision for sustainability is to independently produce all of the energy we need to operate our facility.

Information Nation: Well, best of luck! And thank you for stopping by.

GAR Labs:  You’re welcome. Thank you for the opportunity.

For more information about GAR Labs, visit them online at or call (951) 788 0700.

About GAR Labs

Founded in 1982, GAR Labs has grown and now operates from a 133,000 square foot headquarters located in Riverside, California.  The GAR Labs facility meets or exceeds all health, safety, EPA and FDA standards and requirements, and is licensed for both alcohol filling and storage.  Using only purified water, GAR Labs can serve a capacity ranging from 55 gallons to 12,000 gallons per shift.

From 5,000 to 5 million pieces, GAR Labs can develop the formulation, fill and package your product.   GAR Labs is licensed and staffed to all personal care products which include sunscreens, face cream, body creams, hair care, body soaps, perfumes and alcohol related products.  In addition, GAR Labs is an FDA registered over-the-counter drug (OTC) products.

GAR Labs employs its own in-house chemists that work in a full-service laboratory and can quickly make test samples of the products you want.  Along with the development laboratory, GAR Labs offers clients peace-of-mind by having a fully equipped quality control-testing department.

GAR Labs works to ensure that ALL the ingredients AND the finished products are compliant by using three testing divisions:

  • “Analytical Testing Lab” verifies the chemical finger print of each ingredient to guarantee compliance through Infrared Spectrometer (IR) and High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC).
  • “Quality Control Department” ensures all finished products meet customer specification.
  • “Microbiological Testing Department” insures all ingredients and finished products are bacteria free.

As you can see with GAR Labs, ALL raw materials AND finished products are fully tested for both quality and compliance so that you can trust what you are selling and it will last a long time.

When it comes to processing your order the team at GAR Labs is committed to offering the best in project management.  Upon receiving a client purchase order, customer service reps have the ability to track the project’s progression.  Using a state-of-the-art computer system, GAR Labs customer service personnel enter your purchase order and then track the progress of the work and email their status every week until your order is complete.

Even after completion, GAR Labs can help you with the technical documents that might be needed to sell your product domestically or by exporting.

GAR Labs has received rave reviews from their customer base.  One such customer wrote that GAR Labs are “easy to work with” and “reasonably priced.”

For more information, visit GAR Labs online at or call them at 951-788-0700.


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