May 26, 2020

David Slone Offers Maintenance Tips For Your Car’s Health

David Slone

David Slone

David Slone is the General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager at Weld County Garage. Along with his service manager, David Slone has seen plenty of cars come in with problems that could have been avoided. In this Q&A discussion, David Slone offers up advice for keeping a car running longer and stronger.

Q: If you had to give one piece of advice for longevity for my car, what would it be?

David Slone: Change your oil at regular intervals. Keeping clean motor oil in your engine means that you won’t be building up deposits and gunk that can clog internal passages and wear down moving parts.

Q: What intervals do you recommend for servicing?

David Slone: For older cars, 3000-5000 miles is usually good; newer cars can go longer, up to 6000 or so, just be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Q: What about synthetic oils?

David Slone: Synthetic motor oils can go much longer, but you’ll need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on that.

Q: What about servicing my tires?

David Slone: This is another really simple one. Check your tire pressure when you gas up; underinflated tires affect your car’s drivability, ride and handling, and cost you money in lost fuel efficiency.

Q: I’ve heard that drivers should avoid short trips. Why is that?

David Slone: When a car’s engine cannot warm up to operating temperature, the water that’s produced in combustion can’t make its way through the crankcase ventilation and tailpipe, leading to diluted motor oil and other problems. If your trip is less than ten minutes, maybe you should consider walking…!

Q: I suppose that listening to your car for strange noises is sort of a given…

David Slone: Yes, definitely, any knocks, ticks, thumps or squeaks that are out of the ordinary. Don’t just let them slide – they could be trouble.

Q: What about driving habits?

David Slone: This one’s just common sense. Try to keep a light right foot on the accelerator, take it easy over rough roads or railroad tracks, brake gently, and don’t punish your car.

Q: And what about my car’s front end and tires?

David Slone: Get an alignment once a year, it’ll save your tires and improve a car’s handling. And make sure to schedule a tire rotation with every oil change.

Q: Driving habits affect fuel economy, too…what else can you suggest as far as gas mileage?

David Slone: Check your air filter regularly. It’s cheap and easy to change, and a clogged air filter will kill your car’s mileage and performance.

Q: Any parting ideas?

David Slone: Yes, stay on top of your regular maintenance and fix problems early if they develop. Think of it the same way you would your own body!

Q: David Slone, thanks for answering our questions!

David Slone: Absolutely, I hope these tips are useful.

In addition to his time at Weld County Garage, David Slone has put in over two decades as an entrepreneur. David Slone also served as Vice President and President of a firm that manufactures video editing equipment, Macrosystem US. There, David Slone led a management team that brought in millions of dollars in profits. David Slone loves a good challenge, making him a great fit for Weld County Garage.