August 8, 2020

Collex Collision Experts Serves the Local Community with Continuing Education

Collex Collision Experts are nationally recognized auto body repair specialists with a community based business ethic. At Collex Collision Experts, not only are timely repairs provided with attentive customer service, Collex Collision Experts serves the community as well. For example, Collex Collision Experts offers continuing education classes to interested and qualified participants. Collex Collision Experts originally designed these classes for insurance agents. Collex Collision Experts explains that insurance agents need 24 credits of continuing education classes every two years to keep their licenses current.

Over time, these classes sponsored by Collex Collision Experts expanded to serve the community at large. Collex Collision Experts reports that nearly 1000 agents have attended their classes, and the number keeps growing. Collex Collision Experts currently offers continuing education courses covering a wide range of relevant topics. Classes cover subjects from safety issues and ethics to policy retention and the collision repair process. Collex Collision Experts provides these classes free of charge at various Collex facilities.

Collex Collision Experts offers continuing education courses two to three times per month. Some Collex Collision Experts classes for May and June 2010 include “Ethics in Collision Repair,” “Auto Theft & Fraud,” and “Understanding Safety Issues.” These are all three-hour courses with free lunch included. In June 2010, Collex Collision Experts will host an extended seven-hour seminar dedicated to the best use of Sherwin Williams paints in auto body repair.

Collex Collision Experts believes in cultivating a fruitful and informative relationship with members of the insurance industry. Insurance adjusters so frequently handle collision repair that Collex Collision Experts believes it benefits all parties to dialogue regularly with these industry colleagues. Collex Collision Experts feel that the more an insurance agent knows about the collision repair process, the more helpful they can be to customers. Since the insurance industry and Collex Collision Experts have a lot of customer overlap, Collex Collision Experts feels that everyone stands to benefit from having better-educated agents involved in and expediting the repair process.

Collex Collision | Tips for Dealing With An Automobile Accident

Elsewhere, Collex Collision has written about the most critical first responses to a car accident. Collex Collision explains that drivers must make sure everyone is OK, call 911 if medical attention is needed, move out of the way of traffic and call the police to report an accident. In the meantime, Collex Collision adds that drivers must exchange insurance information with fellow motorists, and call the insurance company to file an accident claim. Most of these things, says Collex Collision, are common knowledge and can be done during the first hours after an accident.

Collex Collision continues that many car accident injuries are often not visible or obvious at the site of the accident. Usually the adrenaline released by a car crash, notes Collex Collision, crowds out any aches and pains a person may feel. This is a condition that doctors and insurance adjustors refer to as “soft tissue damage” and it may not manifest until days after a car accident. For this reason, Collex Collision says that it is important not so sign any documents at the crash site. Do not discuss any release of liability with other drivers. Many motorists have reported that they were not hurt at an accident, says Collex Collision, only to find days later that they were in severe pain, requiring physical therapy or long-term chiropractic care.

The good news is that insurance companies are acquainted with the phenomenon of “soft tissue damage.” Collex Collision advises anyone who has been in a car accident to visit a doctor for an examination as soon after the accident as possible. In the same way that a police report is of critical value in the automotive repair process, Collex Collision explains that a doctor’s report is essential information that any insurance adjuster will require before covering further medical care. Information from a doctor will help a motorist decide if they ought to file a personal injury claim in addition to an accident claim. Collex Collision points out that these are two different claims and that a standard accident claim will not cover any medical expenses. A separate personal injury claim must also be filed with the insurance company.

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