August 4, 2020

Carmack Moving and Storage Q&A – Moving Is not for the Faint of Heart

Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage

Centreville, Virginia’s Carmack Moving and Storage answers questions about how to handle different aspects of this daunting task.

What is the most important part of the moving process?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Choosing the right moving company, of course. Beyond that, packing well and ensuring that you have quality materials and plenty of tape and markers for labeling.

How should I begin packing? It looks like such a big job.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Start with the items you don’t need and work your way to the essentials.  Pack a little each day to keep stress at bay.

How far in advance should I schedule moving or packing services?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Approximately one month before the date you need to be out of your current home.

How do I find out what moving expenses are tax deductible?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800.343.3676

Can Carmack Moving and Storage move my pets?

Carmack Moving and Storage: No, we do not haul live animals. If you cannot transport your animal in your family vehicle, we may be able to suggest a carrier.

What is the best room to unpack first?

Carmack Moving and Storage: The bathroom, followed by the bedrooms and kitchen; start with the necessities only.

What type of packaging should I use for my breakables, such as crystal vases?

Carmack Moving and Storage: A Dish Pack is best. They should be wrapped individually and packed tightly, with heavy items on the bottom working your way up to lighter items.

How are mattresses stored during the move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: For cross country moves – mattress specific bags or boxes. On local projects, we advise plastic bags – we provide these at no charge.

How can I make my boxes less jarring?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Pad the bottoms and tops with crumpled newspaper.

Why should each box be labeled? It has to get unpacked anyhow.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Since you will likely not finish the unpacking in one day, we suggest labeling so you will know where the important things are.

What items should be unpacked first in the kitchen?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Any perishable food, followed by dishes and utensils.

What is the best way to organize my new bedroom, to make unpacking clothes easier?

Carmack Moving and Storage: First, get your large pieces into place. If possible, organize the closet with shelving and storage.

When is the best time to move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: It is best to move in the Spring, Fall, or Winter as Summer is peak moving season. Rates may be higher since there is more demand for each vehicle type.

I am moving with children. Is there anything I can do to make it easier on them?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Talk to them about the move from the beginning. Make it an adventure and help them understand that they are not being punished (by being taken away from friends/family, etc).

How long will it take to move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That is different for every situation. Factors including the weather, the amount of items that must be packed and hauled, the distance – all of these affect move time.

How do large appliances get packed?

Carmack Moving and Storage: If Carmack Moving and Storage readies these items, we will give them special attention to ensure their safe arrival.

How do I schedule for my free, in home estimate?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Give Carmack a call at 703.378.1616 or toll free 866.627.4420.


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