November 24, 2020

Andrew Stolper Explores the World of Litigation Funding

In recent years, notes Andrew Stolper, the benefits of litigation finance have been a major topic of discussion within the legal industry. As a popular financing option in unresolved claims, litigation finance uses innovative methods that appeal to both companies and their managers. Below, Andrew Stolper describes the transformation of litigation finance into a powerful tool for many modern businesses.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, Andrew. We’re looking forward to hearing about your work in litigation funding today.

Andrew Stolper: Thank you for having me.  Litigation finance covers a lot of territory so I’ll do my best here this morning.
Interviewing Experts: Why should businesses and corporations look for in a litigation financier?

Andrew Stolper: Selecting the right litigation financier is just like selecting the financial partner for any other part of your business.  You want a litigation financier who understands your litigation – or who will with minimal effort.  You want a litigation financier who will get you a term sheet as fast as possible so you can evaluate whether the funding makes sense.  And you want a litigation financier who will add value beyond the checks they write in the form of advice, fee deals, or wisdom in how cases play out. [Read more…]