November 22, 2017

Writing an E-book | Part One

You have decided to tackle a writing project. But how do you start? The most difficult part of writing is figuring out how to begin the first sentence.

It may also be overwhelming to think about writing an e-book when it is not broken down into manageable tasks. A good analogy for comparison is that of hiking up a mountain. Imagine that you are standing at the foot of the mountain and staring at the summit as it disappears into the clouds. It seems like an impossible task. How is it possible to scale such an immense and dangerous mountain?

The answer is that there is only one way to climb a mountain, and that is to climb it step by step. Now think of writing a book in the same way. Take it one simple step at a time, and then one day you will write the last paragraph and will find yourself standing on the summit!

If you were planning a mountain climbing expedition, the first thing you would tackle would be the planning and organization. Writing a book doesn’t require any actual gear other than pen and paper or a computer. But it’s imperative to organize your thoughts. So let’s look at some of the steps that a writer must take before he or she actually begins to put pen to paper. Once you’ve gone through the following list, you will be ready to actually begin writing your e-book.

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