April 11, 2021

Kyle Thomas Glasser on Traveling to Australia

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Australia is a beautiful place to visit with great scenery and beautiful locations to view. You will not get bore by visiting Australia and all the nice location it has. One of the people who will tell you that Australia is a great place is Kyle Thomas Glasser. Kyle has plans to visit Australia and view specific locations he believes holds a lot of beauty.

The Great Barrier Reef- is an exciting place where you can see the Coral Sea together with Queensland. This has a large coral reel with more than 900 islands and this is the place Kyle believes holds a lot of beauty. This place is over 2,600 kilometers and it is now known as World Heritage Site. Kyle intends to see the turtles, sea snakes, porpoises, dolphins and fish among other water animals.

Sydney harbor-is a great place to see visit and Kyle has plans to view its location. It has its own natural harbor and not forgetting the amazing Fireworks at the eve of the New Year. Kyle being a fan of music intents to visit Sydney Opera House with the great concert hall, two amazing theaters, playhouse, very good studio and even a Forecourt. It is amazing how the place has great location and you enjoy seeing the city at night.

Tasmania-Kyle knows the beauty of the world and thus the amazing Tasmania Island is the place to be. There is natural scenery and within the364 km by 306 km area of land that holds a population of 500,000. Beautiful rocks and all the mountainous views that is available. There is Mount Ossa and not forgetting to view the Great Oyster Bay. This is a place with beautiful wildlife including tigers and birds.

Brisbane-Kyle knows about Brisbane the huge Australian city which is found in Queensland. There are many great night spots for people to visit and the amazing cuisine that is offered. The weather here is quite accommodative therefore there are no extremes that will deter Klye from travelling in this place. Museums, historical structures and South Bank Parklands are great place Kyle intends to see.

The Great Ocean Road-is an amazing location to visit and Kyle Thomas Glasser knows this too well. This place has very nice scenery which covers an area of around 200 miles through the coastline of Victoria. There is no harm in visiting any time of the year and you will find great food. Kyle has great plans to see these places and still pursue his medical career successfully.

Traveling to Costa Rica

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser simplifies his mission in life to serving others. This is the number one reason why he was motivated to study medicine. He always had a passion for helping anyone in need and saw how doctors had an impact on the lives of patients. In his career, he spares some time to visit many communities. He visited Costa Rica on a medical mission in 2010 and that set him on his course to become a medical doctor. Kyle believes in the fact that wherever he goes he must make some changes. He is a senior student in the University of Georgia. Even though medical students are busy, that does not hinder him from participating in any other association in the community and in America.

Kyle traveled to South America in the month of May 2010, to give medical assistance to impoverished areas in Costa Rica. As a young adult of 21 years, you must admit that it is an exciting chance to travel the world. That is exactly what is happening to a man of integrity called Kyle. He is a member of International Service Learning Program. This program offers opportunities to students to travel to different parts of the country just to help them attain experience while they offer a hand to the needy communities.

The communities Kyle visited do not receive any medical attention. Thanks to the medical mission team, the people of Costa Rica were able to get health care to improve their morale in life. During that trip, he tutored students who needed help in math. He says that his trip to Costa Rica opened his eyes to the opportunities that he could get to help others in a medical career.  He had a chance to experience hardships people go through, first hand. The trip was advantageous because he was able to practice what he learnt in class while at the same time lending a hand to the needy people he found in the places he visited.

For the two weeks he stayed in Costa Rica, Kyle interacted with people who had never used modern medicine in their entire life. Such a thing might be unimaginable, but the truth is that there are people living in such conditions. If you get such a chance to assist people, it will be a great privilege to do all you can. This trip improved and influenced other people’s lives. In addition, Kyle Thomas Glasser was able to give people information concerning basic health care and the importance of taking medicines to the residents.

Students Speak Up | UGA Senior Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Information Nation recently caught up with University of Georgia senior Kyle Thomas Glasser to get the inside scoop on this popular college campus.

Information Nation:  Kyle Thomas Glasser, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Kyle Thomas Glasser:  No, problem! I’m always willing to talk about UGA.

Information Nation: This is a huge campus – is there anything particularly interesting to see?

Kyle Thomas Glasser:  Yes, it’s massive, I think 615-acres.  I like the North Campus and the Meyers Quad area; it’s really an amazing site when walking between classes on campus.

Information Nation:  So, can you tell us a few reasons that you, Kyle Thomas Glasser, chose UGA?
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