August 8, 2020

Seasoned Life Sciences Entrepreneur and Executive James Cullem Discusses In-House Counsel for Biotech Start-ups

James CullemFor more than two decades, James Cullem has helped numerous biotechnology companies rise through the ranks as an IP expert and business entrepreneur. Cullem recommends early-stage biotech companies acquire an experienced attorney who can guide them through the various legalities associated with launching a new business.

Interviewing Experts: Is an in-house attorney absolutely vital for an early-stage company?

James Cullem:  Eventually, yes. At some point in their evolution and growth, an early-stage company will reach the volume and frequency of legal needs that it will want to add an in-house Counsel in order to provide cost savings, improved efficiency and turn-around time on legal matters, and the benefit of synergizing the legal efforts with business development, marketing, and other efforts.

Interviewing Experts: What typically is the given title for this in-house counsel? [Read more…]