July 15, 2020

O2 Media’s Designing Spaces on Lifetime with Caleb Geffre

Designing Spaces

The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Caleb Geffre from RicoRock®. Here, Caleb is talking to our viewers about Swimming pool Waterfall.

Host, Debie Marie: Designing Spaces is all about you and you’re space, you’re home and surroundings. I am Debie Marie.

Spaces’ Host, David Jones: And I am David Jones. Here on Designing Spaces, we take a look at all aspects of your home and property including lifestyle. Today we focus on creating your backyard oasis.

Host, Debie Marie: Ohh. That’s right. We look at patio furniture, get landscaping ideas and see how we can create attractive safe and functional decks. You will be inspired.

Host, David Jones: Did you ever hear of the word poolscape?

Host, Debie Marie: Poolscape? I am going to go way out on a limb and say that is the backyard surrounding the pool.

Host, David Jones: You’re not just a pretty face. Ha ha. But there is much more to it than you might think. And the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.Take a look at this.

David: The sights and sounds of nature can now be right in your own backyard. Waterfalls and rocks can be added to just about any pool setting. Even a formal pool design can be set off with the natural look of rock and moving water. Water features like this are popular with folks of all ages and on all scales from simple waterfalls to elaborate caves and lagoon pools. It’s all about atmosphere and we bring that extra special touch to your pool side.We’re here with Caleb Geffre from Rico Rock. Caleb welcome to the show.

Caleb Geffre: Thank you. Thank you very much.

David: Rico Rock. That is a fun name. What is Rico Rock?

Caleb Geffre: It’s made out of concrete actually. What we do is we go out in the field, we find the real rock.

David: Oh, that feels real.

Caleb Geffre: And we make a mold of it.

David: That feels very real and it’s cold like real stone.

Caleb Geffre: Exactly. That is the benefit of concrete.

David: What are some of the advantages of using Rico Rock over real rock?

Caleb Geffre: It is lightweight for one. Secondly, the more of these together concrete bonds up better to concrete than it does to actual rocks. When you go up against the real rocks, concrete doesn’t like to stick so well. When we do concrete to concrete is real. Everything holds up.

David: And this is lighter than real rock.

Caleb Geffre: Correct, correct. This is lighter than real rock and two people can move just about all the pieces.

David: But, it is solid. It’s not like it’s just going to blow away on you?

Caleb Geffre: Correct, correct. It is never going to blow away on you. As long as it is correctly motored in place, it will never go anywhere.

David: It is always this color? Can you get other colors?

Caleb Geffre: Oh no, um from this point on it gets stained. It can be made to look like granite to Tennessee field stone, to river rock to any color that you really want. You can go from there.

David: Caleb, how difficult is it to install Rico Rock?

Caleb Geffre: Uh, it is very simple to install Rico Rock actually. It’s just basic masonry skills. All that is done is basically you’d take, put down some concrete, set a rock on top of it, put more concrete on top go on top of that with another rock. Just stack it up from the ground. Just like a puzzle. A normal installation of a waterfall around a pool would take a day or less.

David: That is it?

Caleb Geffre: Do it within a day.

David: One day and you have a beautiful new landscape around the pool.

Caleb Geffre: You do. You have a nice atmosphere created around your pool. The sound of running water, everybody really enjoys that.

David:Well, if you have a waterfall, where does the water come from?

Caleb Geffre: The water comes from the pool actually. Um, what is done is that it’s usually used through the same equipment that is run already in your equipment set up. The water goes from your pool over the waterfall back into the pool. It just recirculates the water.

David: That’s easy. Now, can you use Rico Rock to make caves and grottos and things more interesting?

Caleb Geffre: Oh yes. Caves and grottos are very simple. Um, well basically, the sky is the limit. However big you want to go. It can be used around swimming pools, lagoons, and it’s even been used around Koi ponds. Things like that.

David: So, just use your imagination.

Caleb Geffre: Exactly.

David (Designing Spaces): Well, once Rico Rock is laid in place, I mean these swimming pools they just look beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, and they look kind of expensive. Are they affordable?

Caleb Geffre: Anybody can afford them. It’s just how big and how vast you want to go.

Designing Spaces: Caleb, I mean, the first thing I said was “Wow.” This looks absolutely amazing! Did you have any trouble with the installation at all?

Caleb Geffre: Um, no. The installation went real good. Everything went real smoothly. Most of the Rico Rock installations can be done in one day. With a pool like this, with all the extra rock work and everything done with it, yeah, you know it might take three, four or five days.

Designing Spaces: Sure

Caleb Geffre: So it all depends on how much you want to do. The best thing to do with that is to contact your local Rico Rock contractor and go from there.

Designing Spaces: That is still a very short amount of time for something this beautiful, and George, the proud homeowner, I know this is a silly question, but I mean, do you like it?

George: We are very, very happy with it. It came out beautiful. We can’t keep the kids out of it! They are on the slide and the diving board all the time!

Designing Spaces: How about neighbors, and friends? I bet they are coming over a lot more often now.

George: We have had quite a few parties since the completion of the project.

Designing Spaces: Caleb, you have got to tell me more about this. I mean, let’s take a closer look. Apparently, this is just a railing to get in and out of the pool.

Caleb Geffre: Yeah, exactly. This is a unique way of making the ordinary silver thing that you have got to do at the end of your pool you know, into something that looks really neat. Yeah, it really does. Um, basically it’s got a steal column on the inside of it wrapped with concrete.

It’s very sturdy. It’s never going to go anywhere. It will be there for many, many years.

Designing Spaces: So kids can jump all over it and it’s not going to fall.

Caleb Geffre: You bet. Without a problem, without a problem.

Designing Spaces: And how about the same thing with these rocks, you know kids, adults, people can jump on them they are not going to come loose or anything like that?

Caleb Geffre: Yup, exactly.

Designing Spaces: Caleb, Rico Rock, this sure is a neat product. And I just want to thank you for being on the show.

Caleb Geffre: Thank you, Stacey.

Designing Spaces: Alright, do you think George will let me try the slide?

Caleb Geffre: Go for it!

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