September 29, 2020

Q & A with Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Chief Athletic Advisor Tim Brown Introduced to Hall of Fame

Dennis Wong YOR HealthTim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner and former Los Angeles Raider, was enshrined at the Football Hall of Fame in January 2015. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, answers questions about the career of YOR Health’s Chief Athletic Advisor.

Q: What are some notable career highlights for Brown?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim’s whole career is notable! He is known for his astounding 1,094 career receptions, for reaching 100 touchdowns, and being selected nine times to the Pro Bowl.

Q: How does a player get inducted into the Football Hall of Fame?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It’s a tough process that must make its way through a 49-member Board of Selectors. Only a few players each year are nominated.

Q: Where did Tim play in college?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim went to Notre Dame and was an All American in 1986 and ’87.

Q: What makes Tim’s Heisman Trophy win unique?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He is the only Wide Receiver in NFL history to receive the award. It’s a huge achievement and one that was most deserved.

Q: How long has Brown been with YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim has been our Chief Athletic Advisor for over six years.

Q: What does this advisement position entail?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim helps us counsel new advisors, speaks with YOR Health Promoters at conferences and, more importantly, works with our other boards to ensure that YOR Health products meet the needs of athletes across the globe.

Q: What does Tim say about YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim has gone on record saying that, while he had an awesome career, he wishes he’d have found YOR Health in his younger years. He uses YOR Health products regularly and has had nothing but praise for everything he’s tried.

Q: I understand that Tim has also started a foundation. How does it tie into his role at YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim founded Fundraising Solutions. It’s an organization that helps sports groups raise money through alternates to the traditional candy and cookie dough routes. At YOR Health, Tim is all about good nutrition, so with his foundation he wanted to teach that using candy as a financial tool wasn’t promoting positive eating habits in players.

Q: What other athletes join Tim on the board?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ben Hansdaker, Hattie Boydle, Jerome Le Banner, Terry and Kim Hairston, Sid Taberlay, and Daniel Jacobs.