July 11, 2020

Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS Offers Advice to Parents Regarding Fillings

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS

For various reasons, says pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, the time comes in some children’s lives when they need fillings. According to Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, this can happen because of neglected teeth, not flossing, or maintaining sugary eating habits. Of course, the treatment of cavities and tooth decay are a common service provided by Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and the pediatric dentist at Snodgrass-King. But for children who have never needed a filling before, acknowledges Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, the experience can be quite unfamiliar and tense.

According to Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, there are a number of things that parents can do to prepare their child for a filling. Dr. David Snodgrass DDS suggests that parents begin by answering any questions a youngster poses about the process. Give honest details to your child, says Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, but be sure to emphasize the benign or positive aspects. It is important not to engender extra anxiety in your child about the filling process, explains Dr. David Snodgrass DDS. [Read more…]