August 4, 2021

CWD Construction Offers Custom Built Dream Homes

CWD Construction

CWD Construction

CWD Construction is a highly respected custom homebuilder in North and South Carolina. Known for its luxury kitchen and bathroom designs, CWD Construction diligently works with clients to get everything just as the future homeowner wants it. Today, CWD Construction talks to Information Nation about how they help a homeowner’s dreams come true.

Information Nation: With so many cookie-cutter homebuilders out there, it’s refreshing to see a homebuilder who lets the customer decide how the home will look. How does CWD Construction do it?

CWD Construction: The difference with CWD Construction is that we give customers the option to customize. About half of our customers decide to go the custom-designed route and we have found that this adds only a small amount to the final cost of a new home or upgrade project when compared to stock plans.

Information Nation: Is it difficult to build things to the customer’s specifications like that?

CWD Construction: Working with our own interior designer (Sonia Dohm), as well as our approved subcontractors, our customers usually find the process is not only painless, but also fun.

Information Nation: Do you find most of your customers already know what they want by the time they contact you?

CWD Construction: Many of our customers are frustrated. They’ve searched plan sites on the Internet and gone through magazines that have plans and still can’t find the layout that conveys what they want. The team at CWD Construction is able to work with them to create that perfect floor plan.

Information Nation: What about the budget? I know that’s a big concern for customers.

CWD Construction: It’s a big concern for CWD Construction, too. We outline the cost right from the beginning, making sure we find a plan that sticks within the customer’s budget. We work with the architect to make sure that the construction cost stays within budget, while still adhering to CWD Construction’s strict quality building standards.

Information Nation: Are customers able to see the design drafts as the architectural design progresses?

CWD Construction: As we work with the architect to design the home, we show each design draft to the customer for review and modification, so not only are we constantly checking the budget, we’re also making sure the customer is pleased with the home design as it progresses.

Information Nation: In addition to the attention to detail you provide, you also are able to provide a home that lasts…

CWD Construction: Yes, definitely. We place a high priority on quality workmanship and we only choose subcontractors who do the same. CWD Construction works hard not only to meet building codes, but also to exceed them, providing a home that will bring a lifetime of happiness to its owners.

Information Nation: It is obvious that CWD Construction has worked hard to earn a good name.

CWD Construction: Yes, and we’re grateful for the opportunity.

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CWD Construction is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based custom homebuilder. Family owned and operated from the start, CWD Construction is small enough to give each client personal attention while ensuring that their dream home is built with only the finest craftsmanship. The owners, Sonia and Chuck Dohm, take a personal interest in every project. Chuck, a mechanical engineer by trade, works with architects and home designers to ensure the best possible layout for structural integrity. Sonia handles all things aesthetic and often acts as the sole interior design consultant for clients.
Homes by CWD Construction are built to last. In most cases, Chuck can perform minor tweaks to the original design to include behind-the-scene details that add real value to a structure. Sonia, having grown up around her own family’s construction company, knows the ins and outs of customization. There is no doubt that her gift for seeing beauty in bricks and mortar lends itself invaluable to CWD Construction.
CWD Construction is an A+ rated member of the Charlotte, North Carolina Better Business Bureau and may be found on the BBB’s site by searching for CWD Construction, LLC in Charlotte.


  1. Liz Jacob says:

    No doubt, I will inquire on, CWD Construction further and definitely will avail their services. I’ve been looking for this a long time ago. Thanks to this information about CWD Construction. I will be glad to share my CWD Construction experience on this page as soon as possible.

  2. Andrew Waltz says:

    Good to see this post. I was a CWD Construction customer before. This post is so true, CWD Construction place a high priority on quality workmanship. I guarantee you that you will never regret in choosing CWD Construction like I do.

  3. Walter Rimes says:

    I agree, Andrew. Like you, I never regret in choosing CWD Construction. CWD Construction satisfy the customers’ demands and needs. I strongly recommend CWD Construction to everybody.

  4. Brian Smith says:

    You must try CWD Construction. They built my dream home. CWD Construction exquisitely transformed your house into a much more beautiful work of art. So what are you waiting for? Choose CWD Construction. =)

  5. Edward Bryns says:

    Well, my experience with CWD Construction was amazing! CWD Construction have wide artistic creativity. CWD Construction have unlimited creative designs that fitted so well according to the demands of their customers. Thumbs up to CWD Construction. Keep it up!

  6. Edward Bryns says:

    CWD Construction have wide artistic creativity. CWD Construction have unlimited creative designs that fitted so well according to the demands of their customers. Thumbs up to CWD Construction. Keep it up!

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