July 10, 2020

Gregory Fake Discusses His Business-Rich Career Path

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake is an assistant television producer for Lifetime Television’s show, The Balancing Act.  Prior to television, Gregory Fake spent much of his career in business.  In the following interview, Gregory Fake describes his career path thus far.

Q:  How did you get interested in business?

Gregory Fake:  My grandfather was a worker on high steel and passionately interested in the stock market.  I grew up with stocks in that sense and was very aware of the markets from an early age.

Q:  It sounds like your grandfather deserves a lot of credit for where you are today.

Gregory Fake:  Yes, not only did I have a great desire to be like him, but he also put me through college.  So, yes, I owe him a great deal.

Q:  What type of business training have you received?

Gregory Fake:  I received my degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to get a law degree from Georgetown soon after.

Q:  What types of positions have you held in the business world?

Gregory Fake:  I have had tremendous opportunities in my career.  Fresh out of college, I worked for Andersen Consulting, one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world.  Then, I went on to work with several Fortune 500 companies developing and implementing manufacturing resource planning systems, customer service databases, and internal computer systems.

Q:  These sound like complex projects; what was your most complicated or memorable project?

Gregory Fake:  I helped the Federal Government design and develop their overall general ledger system for use in the General Accounting Office.  I also worked on programs for AMP Incorporated and The Campbell Soup Company that were relatively complex.

Q:  And what did you do with your law degree?

Gregory Fake:  I worked in banking law and was an enforcement attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Q:  What is so appealing to you about business?

Gregory Fake:  Business is what makes our world run; without it, we’d get nowhere.  Businesses provide the critical services and products that keep our communities functioning and thriving.

Q:  How did your business experience prepare you for television production?

Gregory Fake:  Over the years, while involved in the business sector, I helped produce a number of programs for businesses.

Q:  And has your past experience in business helped you succeed in producing television specifically for women?

Gregory Fake:  Absolutely. The Balancing Act is all about empowering women.  I have become adept at identifying issues that are important and helpful for women, just like one would with a client in the business sector.

Q:  Yes, but business isn’t always fun, is it?

Gregory Fake:  It is to me!  But, yes, The Balancing Act certainly has to be entertaining; it is television after all.

Gregory Fake lives with his wife and children in Pompano Beach, Florida.  In addition to his many professional endeavors, Gregory Fake is a deacon in his church, a prison minister, and an avid outdoorsman.