September 16, 2019

Damon Styles Finds Purpose and Greater Meaning During His Foreign Mission Trips

Damon StylesFor real estate investment professional Damon Styles, the opportunity to give back to others is often squandered and even ignored at times. In order to curb this trend, Damon Styles and his family often travel to foreign locations and assist communities in dire straits. In this short interview, Damon Styles provides support and encouragement to people who may be pursuing community service endeavors.

Interviewing Experts: Hello. We’re so grateful that you’re willing to share your insights with us.

Damon Styles: It’s a tremendous honor. People around the world are hopefully encouraged to improve communities and society as a whole through mission work.

Interviewing Experts: Do your children join along in these mission trips?

Damon Styles: On several mission trips, my two youngest kids have come along on this powerful and moving journey. [Read more…]