September 16, 2019

Interview with Steven P. Delarge | Tour de Cure for Diabetes

Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge, business executive, believes in giving back to the community. Each year, he participates in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes that, according to Delarge, is a bicycling event that benefits the effort to find a cure for diabetes. Today, Steven P. Delarge talks to Interviewing Experts about the event.

Interviewing Experts: How did you first learn about Tour de Cure?

Steven P. Delarge: I was actually looking for a great project to help engage my employees in charitable work in the community. We were searching for something that would incorporate fitness with helping the community.

Interviewing Experts: So that led you to Tour de Cure?

Steven P. Delarge: Yes, and after learning about this great bike ride to benefit diabetes in Saratoga Springs, I knew I’d found the perfect event. Bicycling is both great exercise and accessible to everyone. My employees wouldn’t have to be triathletes to participate.

Interviewing Experts: How far do the cyclists ride in the Tour de Cure?

Steven P. Delarge: The great thing about the Tour de Cure is that participants can choose the distance. Newbies can try out a five-mile fun ride, while more experienced cyclists can go for the 100-mile ride through the countryside.

Interviewing Experts: Was the event an immediate success with your employees?

Steven P. Delarge: Well, not exactly. In fact, the first year I was the only participant. The only other person who signed up backed out because it was storming the day of the race.

Interviewing Experts: But you rode anyway?

Steven P. Delarge: Yes–for five miles in the pouring rain.

Interviewing Experts: That’s dedication. Did others ride in the rain that year, too?

Steven P. Delarge: Yes, and it was so inspiring to see so many people pushing through despite the bad weather.

Interviewing Experts: Not just the cyclists, but the workers, too?

Steven P. Delarge: The volunteers manning the signup tables worked in the rain, and even diabetes sufferers were out there, riding alongside us in their red jerseys.

Interviewing Experts: Your company began taking a bigger role in the event after that. How did that come about?

Steven P. Delarge: As I stood there, cheering on the others finishing the race, I found the enthusiasm contagious.

Interviewing Experts: You made a big jump the next year, right?

Steven P. Delarge: The next year we had one of the largest teams, raising more than $15,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

Interviewing Experts: What would you say to other businesses interested in engaging employees in this type of activity?

Steven P. Delarge: I can’t express how proud I am of my former employees for their enthusiastic participation in this event. I highly recommend it. Not only is it a great way to support a good cause and become a part of the community, it’s also fun.

Steven P. Delarge has served as CEO and CFO for some of the most innovative chemical, energy, and aerospace businesses in the country. Currently, Steven P. Delarge serves as president of Silicones and Quartz for Momentive Performance Materials, where he leads operations and finance for more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Kummetz Corp LLC Steps up Cement Production Efforts in Brazil

Kummetz Corp LLC

Kummetz Corp LLC

Partly because of the Kummetz Corp LLC’s presence in Brazil, the country is one of the leading producers of cement in the world.

In 2010, Brazil was ranked number six by the USGS Mineral Programs Cement report for the production of this valuable building material, says the Kummetz Corp LLC. Eloi Kummetz, founder of the Kummetz Corp LLC, hopes that Brazil can continue to climb those ranks, as the country has the workforce and the resources to make cement a profitable export. With a current annual production of 59 million tons of the product, it seems that Brazil is certainly positioned for success in the industry, says the Kummetz Corp LLC.

According to the Kummetz Corp LLC, cement is one of the most popular building materials in the world. It is used in everything from home gardening to strengthening the infrastructure of poverty-stricken areas of the world, says the Kummetz Corp LLC. The Kummetz Corp LLC has been able to utilize its own production of cement to help foster the development of safe and affordable housing in Brazil, as well as Africa.

The Kummetz Corp LLC also notes that by bringing industry into traditionally agricultural communities, they are able to help create a more positive financial outlook for the area’s residents. Brazil, notes the Kummetz Corp LLC, is still in recovery from a long history of socioeconomic inequalities, but is currently listed as one of the top 10 financial leaders in the world. Over the last century, Brazil has become a major exporter of other necessary products, such as petroleum, textiles, and renewal biofuels, like ethanol, says the Kummetz Corp LLC.

Eloi Kummetz, founder of the Kummetz Corp LLC, licensed the firm in Brazil in 2006. At that point, the firm bought out Kummetz Construction and Projects Ltd., which had been operating in the country since the late 1990’s. Through this merger, the Kummetz Corp LLC has helped Brazil become a leading exporter of cement, and now, the country boasts the United States and Bolivia as major importers of the product.

About Kummetz Corp LLC

The Kummetz Corp LLC was registered in the state of Nevada in 2005, although the firm has operated on a global scale for much longer. The Kummetz Corp LLC has satellite offices in some of the remotest regions of the world, allowing them to react in areas with the greatest need for economic stimulation. The firm consistently produces a steady return on investment for their clients through funding projects that bring change to some of the poorest areas of the world.

Kummetz Corporation Answers Questions About Gold Mining in Columbia and Bolivia

Kummetz Corporation

Kummetz Corporation

Kummetz Corporation is different from many other financial investment firms. The company, licensed in Nevada in 2005, has projects throughout the world as it seeks to help stimulate economic development in countries that need it. Today Kummetz Corporation speaks about one of the Company’s latest projects, gold mining in Columbia and Bolivia.

Q: Kummetz Corporation is involved in a variety of projects throughout the world. What made you decide to get into gold mining in these areas of the world?

Kummetz Corporation: Well, in Bolivia specifically, opportunity exists for gold mining but the area is suffering from more than half a century of underfunding and poor management. By investing in the gold mining industry in that country, Kummetz Corporation can do wonders for the economy. The production and exportation of gold could mean extra jobs and more money coming into the area’s businesses.

Q: In Columbia, Kummetz Corporation is working with companies to explore some land. Explain that to us.

Kummetz Corporation: We’ve focused our efforts on the northern region of Columbia, where Kummetz Corporation has established partnerships with some companies in the area. We have more than 9,000 acres of land to be explored in that region of the country. We’ll primarily be looking for gold and platinum.

Q: What are the benefits of mining for gold in these two areas?

Kummetz Corporation: For Kummetz Corporation, we see this as a probable great return on our investment. But we’ve always been more interested in how we can make a difference in the world. For these countries, the vast amounts of gold that can be uncovered in these mining expeditions can do wonders for economic development. That’s what Kummetz Corporation is all about helping to jump-start the economy in areas that really need it.

Q: Gold mining isn’t the only way Kummetz Corporation is helping stimulate economic development. Describe some of the work Kummetz Corporation is doing with housing developments.

Kummetz Corporation: Much of our work is in Eastern African countries, where apartheid has left many residents without housing, even after all this time. Kummetz Corporation works with construction companies there to provide speedy, low-cost construction development for residents. We also focus on keeping these developments environmentally friendly, as with everything we at Kummetz Corporation do.

Advice from Konrad Kafarski | Keeping a Business Name Yours – Konrad Kafarski

Advice from Konrad Kafarski | Keeping a Business Name Yours

Konrad Kafarski knows that starting a new business can be a terrifying adventure for even the most experienced business person. There are so many details and risks to account for, notes Konrad Kafarski, and yet he affirms that the entrepreneurial spirit prevails. If you have an entrepreneurial bent towards starting a business, you have much to consider, says Konrad Kafarski. Elements like the right product, enough financing, accounting, and legal representation are all critical components of getting a business going. Long before you need inventory, says Konrad Kafarski, you will need an experienced lawyer.

You’ll need an attorney, continues Konrad Kafarski, because the legal side of starting a business often has the most obscure and intimidating angles. Customers never see the legal end of your operations, says Konrad Kafarski, but your company could not exist without it. Before a business plan gets too far along, recruit the help you’ll need.

Konrad Kafarski notes that what often serves to snag a budding business proposition is the seemingly simple need to choose a business name. A name is not something to be taken lightly, adds Konrad Kafarski. Your business name will be at the core of your recognizability to customers. Konrad Kafarski knows it can be a challenge to choose a name that is short and recognizable, while still conveying the mission of your enterprise. Often entrepreneurs use the names of loved ones when naming their businesses. There are many options, agrees Konrad Kafarski.

Konrad Kafarski urges entrepreneurs not to overlook the legal issues that come with choosing a name for your business. The name you choose will be how you identify your company to the world. It will be emblazoned on all of your literature. Choose a name to be proud of, and choose one that will have longevity. Most importantly, says Konrad Kafarski, choose a name that you are sure you own.

The legal business of sorting out company names is under the umbrella of trademark law, explains Konrad Kafarski. Lawyers help business owners make sure that their name is unique and safe, so that no other entity will come along and lay claim to the name you have chosen. You may have heard horror stories about a large corporation squeezing out a small operation because that small business had the same or even a similar name as the corporation. By consulting with an experienced attorney during your naming process, Konrad Kafarski says that you can ensure that this fate does not befall your new business.