May 25, 2020

California Entrepreneur Dennis Wong Offers His Philosophy on Business

Dennis-Wong-LeadershipIn this exclusive interview, Interviewing Experts speaks with noted Chinese businessman Dennis Wong who says the recipe for happiness is a mere three ingredients.

Interviewing Experts: Thank you for allowing us to visit with you today, Dennis Wong.

Dennis Wong: My pleasure.

Interviewing Experts: You have had a career in real estate. What caused the switch to health products?

Dennis Wong: In my early 40s I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and my arteries were clogging up. I had also begun researching nutritional supplements, so the transition just made sense.

Interviewing Experts: So it was a matter of convenience?

Dennis Wong: It was more a matter of necessity.

Interviewing Experts: Essentially, YOR Health was established based on a need. Do you think that everyone is so lucky in their careers?

Dennis Wong: I believe that happy people do work that enhances that feeling.

Interviewing Experts: YOR Health seems to have a lot of happy people.

Dennis Wong: We are fortunate to be associated with hundreds of happy and healthy customers and representatives alike.

Interviewing Experts: All of the YOR Health Independent Representatives share a common goal. Can you explain what that is?

Dennis Wong: I believe that all of us at YOR Health want to make the best out of the time we have. We are all here for our own reasons.

Interviewing Experts: And what are those reasons?

Dennis Wong: Some are here to get healthy while others enjoy the financial freedom that YOR Health provides. Either way, we all believe in the products and the long-lasting positive effect the products can have.

Interviewing Experts: You have a real passion for your business and for those who represent it.

Dennis Wong: I honestly believe that business is a way to group people together that have similar interests.

Interviewing Experts: Does YOR Health have a diverse crowd of representatives?

Dennis Wong: Yes, but I would say that they have all chosen this career for a love of the products. So, while they may be different on the outside, they are all very much alike.

Interviewing Experts: You are often quoted as saying that being happy is really very simple. Most people tend to disagree.

Dennis Wong: Yes, and those are the people who are not happy. I’ve found in my experience that people are not that hard to please. Health, wealth and self-awareness usually equal happiness.

Interviewing Experts: But can’t it be difficult to achieve those traits?

Dennis Wong: Many people don’t even try. However, those who work on themselves first by eating right, exercising and enhancing their diet with nutritious products start feeling better. This leads to being able to better provide for themselves and their families, which in turn points their attention to the things that matter most—they become self-aware of themselves.

Interviewing Experts: And what about those people who never seem satisfied?

Dennis Wong: These are the people who want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what they achieve as long as they achieve something.

Interviewing Experts: What in your opinion can someone do to find true contentment?

Dennis Wong: Without hesitation, I say helping other people.

Interviewing Experts: We understand that that is one of the main allures of YOR Health?

Dennis Wong: Absolutely. Once our customers notice the significant change in their health they want to share that with other people. When you feel good, it is human nature to want to be around other people who feel the same.

Interviewing Experts: There’s no arguing with that.

Dennis Wong: Well, happiness is something worth sharing.

Interviewing Experts: Indeed. We’ll leave our readers with that thought.

About Dennis Wong: More than just the founder of YOR Health, Dennis Wong is an inspiration and role model. Having overcome a number of health issues utilizing YOR Health products and implementing a healthy diet and exercise program, Dennis Wong is in his 50s and in the best shape of his life. For more information about YOR Health, visit