March 18, 2018

Thoughts from Rick Siskey: Making Your Business Appeal to Baby Boomers

Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey points out that in January 2011 the first of the baby boomers hit retirement age. What does that mean for your small business? According to Rick Siskey, companies can capitalize on this booming market for senior citizens with just a few simple business plan tweaks. The chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC, Rick Siskey knows the over 65 market is rapidly growing. This provides a prime opportunity for companies to target their marketing to this important demographic, says Siskey.

A national communicator and former member of the National Speakers Association, Rick Siskey is well-respected in the financial field. He believes that in order to be successful, you must outthink the competition. “Individuals who look at their competitors and consistently respond ‘good idea’, will soon find themselves in trouble,” Rick Siskey says.

According to Rick Siskey, one way to stay a step above the competition in attracting baby boomers is to look at how your business can attract the attention of the growing number of baby boomers out there. Some companies, like General Mills, have chosen to gear television and print commercials to older generations. Others have chosen to invent entirely new product lines for this market segment.

Retirement is a huge issue for many seniors, Rick Siskey points out. Many baby boomers have not properly prepared for retirement and our nation’s concerns about the condition of the social security system. The key is to find a way to address real concerns of baby boomers. And to do so before the competition. “Winners in any field always go one step farther than everyone else,” says Rick Siskey. Those who stay in business, adds Rick Siskey, never lose that mentality.

Healthcare is also an area of concern to baby boomers, Rick Siskey points out. In fact, the healthcare industry will likely be revolutionized by the baby boomers. Find a way to answer baby boomers’ concerns about the rising cost of healthcare and you’ll have their attention. As Rick Siskey once again points out, thinking a step ahead of your competition will help you win the race.

Over a span of three decades, Rick Siskey has become recognized as a premier investor and advisor to entrepreneurs and businesses.  Possessing “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance,” Rick Siskey knows what it takes to start, build, finance and sell companies. Following a successful career in the financial markets, Rick Siskey established Wall Street Capitol to service the types of financial needs expected by high net worth clientele.  Today Wall Street Capitol performs at a level not easily matched for entrepreneurs and individuals of financial means. Rick Siskey is also the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC, offering traditional and alternative sources of capital funding, strategic advisory solutions and alternative investment opportunities.  Through Siskey Industries, Rick Siskey joins his expertise to a network of industry professionals in the arena of private equity investing. For more information, visit



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