January 24, 2021

Charles Brennan Brings the Gift of Music to Kids in South Dakota

Charles Brennan

Charles Brennan

Charles Brennan, a Las Vegas, Nevada based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and longtime rock and roll enthusiast recently opened the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy with the Boys and Girls Club of Sioux Empire.  With a little help from several big-name friends, Charles Brennan presented a weeklong celebration to mark this grand occasion. Here, Interviewing Experts talks with Charles Brennan about this new program for kids.

Interviewing Experts:  Thanks so much for joining us today!  Please tell readers about this phenomenal program.

Charles Brennan:  This program means the world to me.  Through the Rock and Roll Academy, we are giving kids in need access to music lessons, equipment, and performance opportunities.

Interviewing Experts:  How did the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy come to be?

Charles Brennan:  I was in the business for years and have made some really good friends in the music industry.  After discussions with Alice Cooper and my son, who attended the School of Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy was born.

Interviewing Experts:  Were you a performer?

Charles Brennan:  No, I never mastered an instrument, so I managed bands, opened a venue and promoted concerts.

Interviewing Experts:  Why Sioux Falls?

Charles Brennan:  I’ve lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for years, but Sioux Falls is my hometown.  I am so fortunate to be able to bring this program to kids in my old neighborhood.  I grew up just 6 blocks from the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy.

Interviewing Experts:  How do kids get involved?

Charles Brennan:  The Rock and Roll Academy will serve the kids who are members of the Boys and Girls Club of the Sioux Empire.

Interviewing Experts:  Tell readers exactly what kids will be learning at the Academy?

Charles Brennan:  Everything we do will be focused on rock and roll.  Kids will take weekly music lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals and will rehearse with a band each week.

Interviewing Experts:  Will the kids perform as well?

Charles Brennan:  Yes, kids will have the opportunity to perform in front of a live crowd, just like real rock stars.

Interviewing Experts:  Incredible!  Tell readers what happened during the grand opening week.

Charles Brennan:  Some of my good friends performed to help open the Rock and Roll Academy in style.  George Lopez, Louie Anderson, Night Ranger, the “Pawn Stars”, Alice Cooper, and some members of Ratt, Warrant, the Doors, and Motley Crew all made appearances.  Even Gene Simmons of KISS made a surprise appearance on March 30th and performed.

Interviewing Experts:  How did the community get involved?

Charles Brennan:  The kick-off concerts were open to the public.  The facility was open for tours on Friday and, with a phone call ahead, visitors are welcome anytime.

Interviewing Experts:  What are you hoping the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy will accomplish?

Charles Brennan:  At the very heart of this program, we are committed to helping kids dream big and be successful in life.  Maybe they become rock stars, maybe not.  The journey, through lessons, teamwork, and performance, will give them skills that will guide them through life.  That’s what’s important.

Charles Brennan, former owner of The Blitz Ballroom and concert promoter, is the Founder and CEO of Las Vegas, Nevada based Dollar Loan Center and founder of Clark County Collection Services.  Charles Brennan and his family reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.