September 16, 2019

Chef Ben Vaughn Brings his Talents to the Farm Table

Chef Ben Vaughn is a James Beard-nominated chef who has graced Memphis with his culinary skills for years. Recently, Chef Ben Vaughn opened a second restaurant in Midtown Memphis, called Au Fond Farmtable. Au fond is a French term, explains Chef Ben Vaughn, that is pronounced like the English “Oh faun” with the “n” left off. This idiomatic phrase means “essentially” or “at bottom.”

What Chef Ben Vaughn wants to bring to his Midtown niche is the relaxed and rustic feel of agricultural life. In addition, Chef Ben Vaughn pairs that informal atmosphere with the same delightful and carefully prepared menu that his patrons have come to expect. Unlike Chef Ben Vaughn’s dinner-only restaurant, Grace, Au Fond Farmtable focuses on brunch and lunch offerings. But Chef Ben Vaughn assures his customers that Au Fond Farmtable is not always idle in the evenings. On Monday nights only, at Au Fond Farmtable, Chef Ben Vaughn presents a family style dinner. What’s more, says Chef Ben Vaughn, family dinner Mondays have no corkage fee, so patrons are invited to bring their own wine and enjoy.

Chef Ben Vaughn’s Au Fond Farmtable is in a large airy storefront for shopping, dining, or relaxing with friends and coffee. For Chef Ben Vaughn, Au Fond Farmtable must bring forward all of the best things about a relaxed cafe atmosphere while still providing more culinary range than any cafe. In addition to Au Fond Farmtable’s affordable gourmet menu featuring $6 – $10 food items and an inviting atmosphere, Chef Ben Vaughn has prepared a retail nook in this new establishment. Here, says Chef Ben Vaughn, patrons can purchase some of the finest locally produced artisan foods in west Tennessee. Au Fond Farmtable’s retail counter, Chef Ben Vaughn stocks fine cheeses, fresh baked bread, and a wide variety of imported treats that are sure to bring shoppers back for more.

Au Fond Farmtable
Cooper-Young next to Grace Restaurant
938 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN, 38104