June 18, 2018

Joe Aldeguer Reports: The FHA’s Credit Guidelines Can Allow for Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Joe Aldeguer

Joe Aldeguer

Chicago, Illinois – Financial advisor, Joe Aldeguer, calms consumer fears that a less than perfect credit history excludes them from a home purchase forever.

Joe Aldeguer, a Chicago based financial counselor and real estate expert, is often approached by consumers worried about the effects that a strategic default will have on future home purchases. The FHA, reports Joe Aldeguer, isn’t as harsh as some believe. In fact, many people are eligible to purchase a new home in as little as 24 months after a negative entry onto their credit report. Here, Joe Aldeguer provides a summary of FHA guidelines:


Borrowers who opted for foreclosure in three year’s time, says Joe Aldeguer, may obtain mortgages insured by the FHA. There are exceptions stated on the FHA website that include inability to sell a property beyond owner control. Joe Aldeguer points out that the exception does not apply to homes that did not sell if the resident was moving to a new area – for instance moving from Chicago to Miami.

Chapter 7

Once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy has discharged, reports Joe Aldeguer, a person or family may apply for an FHA loan in as little as two years. The applicant must have created a good credit history for themselves after the discharge, have gainful employment, and be financially stable. Also, says Joe Aldeguer, the FHA will want an explanation of the circumstances that caused the bankruptcy.

Chapter 13

In the case of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, cites Joe Aldeguer, the FHA may be willing to approve an applicant if they have remained current on their payments for 12 consecutive months. The trustee distributing the funds must verify this and approve the application in order to proceed. Joe Aldeguer also states that the borrower must have re-established a good credit history and meet financial qualifications as well.

Other Circumstances

A credit score may have also been affected, notes Joe Aldeguer, by things such as late payments, lack of credit, and failure to pay federal loans, such as taxes or education. It is important to remember, says Joe Aldeguer, that, in many cases, it may be difficult to obtain a new loan after a major blow to your credit report. It is possible though and, with the guidance of an experienced financial advisor like Joe Aldeguer, the process is much less intimidating.

Joe Aldeguer’s Chicago foreclosure management firm, offers consumers sound advice and can go over the pros and cons of each option for mortgage dissolution and getting a fresh start to a new financial life.

Chicago homeowners wishing to obtain further information can contact Joe Aldeguer at 312-915-8105.


At age 26, he started The Mortgage Exchange – a suburban Chicago firm that employed, at its apex, more than 350 mortgage loan officers who together closed more than $10 billion loan business over an impressive 16-year period. This accomplishment earned him Business Man of the year in 2002 and he was later featured on the cover of the NY Times Business section in 2005. Joe Aldeguer’s firm was nominated as Mortgage Company of the Year in 2002. The collapse of Lehman Brothers with over $600 billion in assets in 2008 short-circuited his successful mortgage business as well as hundreds of mortgage brokers across the country in September 2008.


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